Winter Came - Winner Of A Setup Of J Design Cards.

From Podcast Co-Host To Mountain Landscape Photographer, Eric Makes A Transition.

What Happens When A 3 Time WSOP Bracelet Winner Comes To Your Home Game?

Eric, Bruce & Robbie Reminisce About Their Favorite Episodes, Segments & Home Game Memories.

Top Pair Moves To The BIG TIME! Our New Platform As Part Of The PokerNews Family!

We May Be Moving But We Want You To Come Along - Get The Details.

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_296.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:00am MDT

Robbie Makes The Big Time - BBC World Service Comes A Knocking

Kids Kicking Cancer - A Year Long Challenge Approaches the Finish Line

A Poker Super Star / Legend, Eli Elezra, Comes To Robbie's Home Game

Last Chance To Enter The Give-Away For J Design Cards

Poker Vlogs - A Great Resource You May Not Have Run Across

Some Things To Consider When You Get In That "Poker Sucks" Frame Of Mind

A "One Outer" That Foreshadows Big Things Coming For The Top Pair Podcast

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_295.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 2:30am MDT

"Winter Is Coming" Still Time To Enter To Win A Setup Of J Design Cards
Robbie's KINGS Get Dethroned
Our Special Guest - Home Game Enthusiast From Down Under - Steve Bell
Starting A New Home Game In Singapore
A Home Game Attendee So Irritating He Got "Ghosted" By The Other Players
Splitting Up An Omaha High/Low Pot - Let's Use The NEW Math

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_294.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:30am MDT

Robbie Hits A Speed Bump On His Winning Streak Road

A Listener Asks, "WTF Is Draw Ducey?" We'll Explain

Jason From J Design Cards Joins Us With An Update On His New Product

A Cardplayer Lifestyle Article On Kicking Your Home Game Up A Notch (or 10)

Nice Chip Stack -- Yeah, Did You See The Price Tag?

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_293.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 2:30am MDT

Saying Goodbye To A Legend In Wrestling

How To Start & Run A Successful Poker Blog

Playing Games Can Improve Your Poker Skills

Which Professions Match With The Skills Of A Poker Player

It's The Same Night As A Spouse's Birthday - An Excuse You Can Only Use Once A Year

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_292.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:00am MDT

Robbie's Back In The Saddle Again + Still Winning

The Tale Of The Long Delayed Keyboard

Guest Interview Lon McEachern Great Stories & Insights

Behind The Scenes Perspective On The ESPN WSOP Broadcasts

He Buddy, Want To Play Scrabble? I Know The Perfect Announcer

Poker Player: Get The House Number Correct - Homeowner: Lock Your Doors!

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_291.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:00am MDT

WSOP Main Event Wrap-Up

Did Home Game Players Have A Representative In The Final 9?

Robbie Encounters A Lively Poker Room Playing Non-Hold'em In MD

Is Your Home Game On Summer Vacation? Some Thoughts & Options.

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_290.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:00am MDT

Report Reports From The Trenches Of The 2107 WSOP Main Event

Fact Checking & Data Gathering On The Fly - A New Dimension To An Established Event

A Top Pair Listener Shows Up @ The Main Event & Meets Robbie

I wouldn't Go In That Bathroom In Galoshes, Much Less Stocking Feet

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_289.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:00am MDT

Robbie Recounts His Recent WSOP Visit

Playing A Mixed Cash Game With Norman Chad

The Poker Brat Isn't Really Such A Brat

Wednesday Poker Discussion Group - Such A Great Venue!

Robbie Announces WSOP 2017 Part 2

Hit & Run, The Good Kind

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_288.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 4:00am MDT

Winner, We Have A Winner Of J Design Cards

Robbie Continues To "Run Good" As He Heads Out To Vegas

Special Guest Interview Eileen Sutton

First Hand Look At The NYC Underground Poker Scene

What's It Like Playing With The Boys?

The Total Poker Manual; A Poker Book You Should Add To Your Library!

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_287.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:30am MDT

Robbie Has A Whole Night Of "Run Good"

WSOP 2017, Goodbye November 9

Robbie's Headed Back To Las Vegas For The 2017 WSOP

J Design Kickstarter Campaign, Last Chance To Get In On The Action

Kids Playing Poker - Lots To Learn & Skills To Acquire

Your Parents Are Poker Players - What The Kids Should Expect

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_286.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:30am MDT

Still Time To Win A Setup Of J Design Cards - Easy To Enter!

Kickstarter For Bridge Size + Jumbo Index J Design Cards

Robbie's Winning Streak Takes A Down Turn

Guest Interview; Tony Burns, Tournament Director Seminole Hard Rock in FL

Tony Was There When Moneymaker Won The 2003 WSOP Main Event

Early Poker In Florida, Take A Boat

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_285.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:16am MDT

Robbie's Back From Sunny South Florida - Let's Get The Deats

World Poker Tour Tournament Of Champions - Like Golf's  "Masters"

Enter To Win A Setup Of J Design Cards - It's Easy

Playing Mixed Games - Can It Help Your Non-Mixed Development?

Robbie Turns A Two Outer Into Our "One Outer"

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_284.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:30am MDT

Robbie Goes "All In" As A Fulltime Poker Media Person / Journalist

Riding The Rail Long Distance With A Home Game Player In A Big Event

Eli Elezra's New Bio - Can't Wait To Read It - Don't Want To Learn Hebrew

Heading To Florida To Cover The WPT - Just Another Day @ The Office

Spin The Wheel - Play A Mixed Game - Here's The Instructions

Throwin Around $100 Dollar Bills At A Home Game

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_283.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:13am MDT

Great Interview With ESPN's Norman Chad - "Inconceivable"!

Norman Paid His 1st Wife's Law School Tuition From Home Game Winnings

How The ESPN / WSOP Production Happens - A Look Behind The Curtain

The Case For NON Hold'em Games @ Home & On The Broadcast (Not Gonna Happen)

Syllabus For The Norman Chad School Of Poker - Subjects Not In Your Ordinary Curriculum

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_282.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:00am MDT

Globe Trotting Poker - Robbie Plays In Another Land

You Want To Know About Poker - Do You Want To Know About Us?

Tips For Recruiting Home Game Players (Getting & Keeping)

How Do You Know If It's A "Soft Table"?

Anchors Away, The Fleets In Town

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_281.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 4:00am MDT

Mix Up The Games, Mix Up The Structure - Keep'm Guessing

Robbie's "Midas Touch" Poker Night - He Left With All The Dough

Interview With Remko Rinkema From Poker Central

Remko's Story Of His Poker Beginnings @ A Home Game

Poker Needs More Characters, Like The Good Old Days

8 Card Omaha - Re-draws Galore

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_280.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 4:00am MDT

What Was In That Drink? Sober Up With Coffee? I Prefer Pizza

Expecting A Child? Good Reason For A Poker Game

A Calling Station, How To Identify & Profit From One

A Nit At Your Table, Don't Call The Exterminator!

Out Of "One Outers" - Help Us Replenish The Cupboard!!!

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_279.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:27am MDT

Multi-Life, You're Out But Not Totally Out

Robbie Gets A Glimpse Behind The Curtain At The SLPMG

Charity Begins @ Home, Robbie's Ambitious Plans For 2017, On & Away From The Table

Guest Interview, Clare Fitzgerald Copy Editor & Author @ Casino City

Women Only Home Game Group - Great Idea!!

Rollin Along At A Mixed Game Tournament

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_278.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:30am MDT

You  Call It  Extending The End Time - I Call It Getting Ahead For The Night

Hey Google, What's The Best Poker Podcast In The World

Poker = Round Is Right And The Theme Of The Game

A Return Trip To The River Of Blood

Start Out With Limit, Ease Up To Big Bet Games

To Deal Or Not To Deal - What's The Norm @ Your Game

Say My Name ! Say My Name!

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_277.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:00am MDT

Winners, We Have Winners Of J Design Uncut Sheet Of Cards

Congrats To Robbie & Cardplayer Lifestyle On Your 7th Anniversary

Cardplayer Lifestyle Gives Readers A Chance To Win $$$$$

Home Game Host Guest, Brian From Cleveland - Lots To Say

River Of Blood - A Very Interesting Twist That Could Lead To Big Hands

When To Speak Up - When To Keep Silent

Didn't You See The Queen? She Was Winking At You ....

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_276.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 4:00am MDT

Sometimes It Pays To Bribe Them

Last Chance Drawing For A Sheet Of Uncut J Design Cards

Holiday Charity Begins At The Home Game

Meet Jeff, A Prolific Home game Host In SLC

Jeff Gives Us A Look At The Top Pair Assembly Line

Flush Over Flush - Complete With Sound Effects

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_275.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 11:35am MDT

Get A Jump On Holiday Gifts With Top Pair Sponsors

2 Uncut Sheets Of J Design Cards - Just Wish Us Happy Anniversary

Robbie Gets Cold Decked

2016 Main Event -  Random Thoughts

Speech Play - Does It Cross The Line

Poker Is A Social Not Solitary Game

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_274.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 4:54am MDT

Sometimes Running In Place Still Gets You There

Enter To Win An Uncut Sheet Of J Design Cards - Perfect Gift!

Interview With 2012 Main Event Runner Up & Poker Personality Jesse Sylvia

I'll Give Away My Secrets To You - Don't Give Them Away To Anybody Else

What It Means To Be An Ambassador For The Game Of Poker

We're Both Named Liebowitz, But The Similarity Ends There!

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_273.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 4:30am MDT

Happy Happy Anniversary TOP PAIR!

Robbie Has A Successful Charity Poker Event

Good Game - Good Cause - Decent Money

Back To The Basics; Home Game Hosting 101

A One Outer That's For The Birds

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_272.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:00am MDT

Have Portable Poker Party Mat - Will Travel

Portable Poker Party Mat - It's Not Just For Poker

J Design Uncut Sheet Of Cards Winners

Listener Emails - We Love To Hear From You!!

Charity Begins At Home (Poker Game)

Robbie Doesn't Even Know "What Would Robbie Do?"

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_271.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 4:07am MDT

Last Chance To Win An Uncut Sheet Of J Design Cards!!

Welcome To Our New Sponsor BBO Poker Tables

Robbie To Poker, "You've Lost That Lovin Feeling"

Special Guest, Eric Danis "The Stat" Man With Lots Of Irons In The Fire

GPL, GPI, Hendon Mob - What It All Means

Could You Survive THE CUBE?

Robbie Predicts A Hand, But Who's Hand?

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_270.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 4:32am MDT

Have A Baby? - Instead Of Cigars, Host A Poker Game

Deep Stacked To Short Stacked - Pull Your Bind Amounts Out Of A Hat

George Chao BBO Poker Tables Talks, What Else ... Poker Tables

Sizes, Shapes, Accessories, Custom Art Work / Logo - We Have Your Covered

Doesn't He Know The Dress Code For A $1-$2 NLHE Game?

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_269.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 4:00am MDT

"Goodbye Summer" Win An Uncut Sheet Of J Design Cards

Robbie Drags The Biggest Home Game Pot Of His Career

Dumb Mistakes Are Still Dumb Mistakes, No Matter How Often You Repeat Them

Going "Fishing?" Make Sure Conditions Are Right And You Are Using The Right Bait

"Hey Gutterball" What Kind Of A Deck Are You Using?

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_268.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:28am MDT

Robbie Has A Special Guest @ His Home Game

Winners Announced, Better Late Than Never

This Has To Be Some Great Book ....

A Twist On 2-7 (Kansas City) Game - Try It

Special Guest, Lee Jones Talks Poker Stars, Home Games + More

Twitch, It's Something Other Than An Annoying Habit

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_267.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:30am MDT

Hey, This Hold'em Thing Ain't Half Bad

Customized Cards For Your Group Or Event

WSOP 2016, Robbie's Impressions

Travels From Israel To Las Vegas For A Home Game

Meeting A Poker Legend Leaves A Big Impression - Eli Elezra

What Deck Are We Playing With, Let's Go To The Index, Johnnie ..

Home Game Players Are Always Ready To Play Some Poker, Even Impromptu

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_266.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:00am MDT

An Oldie But A Goodie, Eric Is Back In The House!!

Poker Road Trips, Those Were The Days

Eric Is The Advocate Of 6 Max Mixed Games

Want A Chip Count? Get A Warrant!

How Many Times Do I Need To Shuffle To Mix Theses Cards Up?

Robbie Checks In From The WSOP In Vegas

Gutterball Claims He Threw Away A Card - That's Not Standing Pat

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_265.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:30am MDT

Poker & Golf Go Together Like Pie & Ice Cream

"Kid Poker" Documentary

Robbie Is Getting "VEGAS" Excited

Interview With Preston Oade Author Of Tournament Poker Book

Successful Tournament Players Start "Playing" Before The Cards Are Dealt

Juice, It's More Than Something You Ask the Cocktail Waitress For

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_264.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:00am MDT

How Can I Lose With A Straight Flush? - Here's How!

Red Deck - Blue Deck, Who's Got The True Deck? Back'em Up!!

Mark Hoke Talks 2016 WSOP

New To The WSOP? This Is The Interview To Listen To!

Tips For Finding Who's Spreading What & Who's Staking Who In Vegas

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_263.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:00am MDT

J Design Winners + A New Contest To Win A Sheet Of Cards

Listener Wants To Know If Eric Could Make An Appearance

Robbie Heading To The WSOP - Will The Bright Lights Change Him Forever?

How Would You Spend A 10K WSOP Bankroll?

Mike Caro Gives Perspective On Bankroll Management

Gonna Build A Wall? Make Someone Else Pay For It..

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_262.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:00am MDT

Robbie Does Poker YouTube In Smaller Bites

"Hey, I'm A Big Deal, What Do You Mean There's No Room In The Game?"

Is It Cheating If You Disclose In Advance?

A Poker Host Uses A Very Specific Home Game Set-Up To Sharpen His Skills

Want Some Pretty In Depth Hand Analysis? This Podcast Will Fill The Need

Can't Play Tonight? Just Own The Real Reason

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_261.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:30am MDT

3 Brothers In The Same Game? There's A Twist For That

Last Change To Enter For The "April Fools" Uncut Sheet Of J Design Cards Giveaway

"Bad Beat" Or "Suck Out"? Depends On If You Are Giving Or Receiving

Collusion At The Home Game Table - What Is It - What Are Your Options?

Poker Bankroll v Poker Budget - There Is A Big Difference

If You Were Listening, You Wouldn't Have To Ask Me That Question!

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_260.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:00am MDT

Aprils Fools!! Looking Back To Episodes #130 & #182 - Give A Listen, Get A Laugh

Still Time To Enter For An Uncut Sheet Of J Design Cards - Send A Simple "April Fools" Msg

Robbie's App, Poker Notes Live, Gets Same Major Recognition

An Interview With Ray Kondler, CPA - Specializing In Poker Tax Questions

Poker Pro v Poker Amateur, Which Is More "TAXING"?

We Harp On Keeping Records - Now Another Great Reason To Keep Track

Calling Three Cards In A Row - What Are The Odds?

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_259.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:30am MDT

Setting Up A Home Made Simple With An App From A New Sponsor

Good Cards / Flop - Bad Position, Why Does This Always Happen?

Listener Transcribes Our Podcast For Easy Searching

Another Give-Away Of 2 Uncut Sheets Of J Design Cards

Special Guest Interview Ronnie Bardah, Uncut & Uncensored

Who Is The King Of The Nits?

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_258.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:22am MDT

Come To My Place For Poker - Bring Your Appetite (+ Your Bankroll)

Missing Football - Add It To Your Stud Game

Winners Of The Uncut Sheet Of J Design Cards

Maryland Updates Home Game Poker Law - No More Looking Over Your Shoulder

Where Have All The Players Gone - Long Time Passing

It's Back! - Poker Stars Is Ready For New Jersey!

Play Your Pals On A New Poker App From Poker Stars

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_257.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:00am MDT

Is Your Home Game Comfortable, Like An Old Slipper?

A Correction On A Couple Of Mixed Games From Last Episode

A Listener Shares His Excitement Over Prize Of Uncut Card Sheet

A Newbie At Your Game, What You Both Should Expect

5 Bad Poker Habits That Are Effecting Your Success

Poker, A Game Of Skill? Fantasy Sports Exec Doesn't Think So

A Time When We Had A Home Game Mutiny

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_256.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 4:00am MDT

Poker Grump In The House - He's Not So Fearsome

Happy Anniversary Salt Lake Poker Meetup Group - A Decade Of Home Games

Robbie's Back In The Saddle - Good To Be Playing Again

Poker & The Lottery - Different But The Same

Utahans Should Get A Tax Exemption In ID, NV & WY

Get Your Home Game Out Of The Muck - Here's Some Ideas

Take My Wife .... Please!!

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_255.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 4:00am MDT

Winners Announced For The J Design Sheet Of Uncut Cards

Gutterball Is Back @ The Felt

How Can You Keep Them Down On The Farm, After They've Seen The Bahamas?

Robbie Recounts Some Of His Bahamas PCA Event Experiences

Special Guest Interview "Shaun The Dealer"!

Where's The High, High Stakes Games?  Can You Swim?

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_254.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 5:30am MDT

Year End Home Game Play Totals - Keep Keeping Records

Chip & A Chair - It's Not Just An Urban Legend

Checking Down The Action In A Tournament - Ethical Or Not?

Gene Visits His Old Home Game During A Thanksgiving Trip

Controlling Tilt - Take A Breath Or Two - Plug That Leak In Your Game

Attention Home Game Players -- Please Check Your Machete At The Door!

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_253.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:00am MDT

Robbie Heads To The Bahamas In January

The Poker Grump Comes To Salt Lake - Will Join A Home Game

New Give-Away Of Uncut Sheet Of J Design Cards

Host A New Years Home Game & Stay Safe

Tips For Hosts On Boundaries & Rules To Make A Pleasant Home Game

Poker & Pool, More In Common Than You Thought

Home Game Mix-Up Results In Hilarious Conclusion

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_252.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:00am MDT

"ONE TIME" Well Maybe I've Said This Before, Who's Counting?

Robbie Pulls A Magician Out Of Thin Air

It's The Holiday Season, Combine Charity With Your Home Game

Special Guest, Dr. Alan Schoonmaker, Poker Author And Enthusiast

Small Poker Games @ Low Limits, Just What The Doctor Ordered

Playing Poker Keeps You Sharp, We Have The Evidence

The Dog Ate My Teeth!!

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_251.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 5:00am MDT

Checking In With The Czechs

Robbie's Poker Bucket List Gets Shorter With An Interview Of Daniel Negreanu

Winners Of the Uncut Sheet Of J Design Cards

Getting Back To The Basics On Hosting A Home Poker Game

Updated TDA Rules Help Get You Through Tricky Situations

That Bad Beat Must Have Made A Lasting Impression!

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_250.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:30am MDT

Guest Co-Host Gene Hull Entertains Us With Home Game Tales

Would Most Home Game Players Be Losers If They Played In A Card Room?

Still Time To Win A Sheet Of Uncut Cards From J Design

New Years Will Soon Be Here, Get Your Poker Record Keeping In Order

A Poker Variation On The "My Dog Ate My Homework" Theme

"How To Beat Small Poker Games" A Book Perfect For The Home Game Player

"Son, Make Sure You Accurately Count Those Bills + Hold The Big Ones Up To The Light Like I Taught You

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_249.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 4:00am MDT

Do You Have Any Glue Remover For This "Up-Stuck" Problem

Easy To Enter  -  Win A J Design Sheet Of Uncut Cards, Great Gift Idea!

Pick A Televised Poker Hand - Or - Watch them All

Special Guest, Les Pendergraft, Talks Bar Poker - Ins & Outs

Going To Hawaii? Aloha, I'm Sticking Here So I Won't Be Bored

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_248.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 5:00am MDT

Happy Anniversary - 6 Years Of The Top Pair Podcast

Is The Tide Turning For Fantasy Sports Betting?

Poker Central - Here's How To Get It

Show You Cards After the Hand - What's In It For Me?

Chant This The Next Time You Take A Bad Beat

I Can Put You On Tilt With One Word - Should I?

Call It What You Want, It Plays The Same

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_247.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:23am MDT

A Simple Variation On A Mixed Game Makes Play Much More Interesting

Can We Bet Online For Fantasy Poker Players

Best Wishes Gutterball - Hope You Are Back At The Felt Soon!

Poker Broadcaster Mark Hoke Is Our Special Guest

New, All Poker, Video Channel - Will It Work?

Why More Chips Aren't Necessarily Mo Better

I Can Cut This Deck All Night If Need Be

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_246.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 4:30am MDT

I've Been Called Stuck Up, But Never UPSTUCK - New Poker Term

Poker Pro On "Big Brother" Shhh, Don't Tell Anyone

Poker On TV- Has IT Lost That Lovin Feeling?

How Come I Can Bet On A Pro Athlete But Not Myself!!

The Cashless Game Is A Reality

Starting Your Own Podcast? - Glad To Give You Our Roadmap


New Site For Tracking Your Poker Results

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_245.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 4:00am MDT

Oh My - Big O Tournament, We're In For A Long Night

What Does Sprinkler Installation & Poker Have In Common?

Has Robbie Gone Hollywood?

Guest Interviewee Gene Talks About Poker Hoody

Guest Interviewee Gene Talks About The Wednesday Poker Discussion Group

Guest Interviewee Gene Talks About His New Book, "Poker Knows"

Sometimes Seeing You Lose Is Worth More Than Me Winning!

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_244.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 5:30am MDT

No One Cares What You Would Have Had - You Folded

Out Of The Hand - MUCK YOUR CARDS!!

Verbal Is Binding -  Even Though It's As Plain As The Chips In Your Hand What You Meant

Out Of Towner @ Our Home Game - A Welcome Addition

Poker Pro Reid Young Talks About His WSOP Deep Run + Poker Sprout Training Site


This Is A Popular Table - Miss Your Reservation Time We Give Away Your Seat!

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_243.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 4:00am MDT

I'm Ready For My Close-Up Mr. Demille - Robbie Goes On Camera

A BARGE Follow Up - Let's Put The Fun Back In Poker

Be Comfortable With The Stakes You Are Playing At

All Those That LOVE OMAHA - An Interview With Its Inventor, Robert Turner


A Blonde Gives A Lesson In Geography

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_242.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:30am MDT

  • Limit Poker - Try It, You Might Like It
  • Any Issue With The Unabomber Nick Name?
  • B-A-R-G-E   A Lot More Fun Than A Lumbering, Floating Platform
  • Another Podcast Found Us "You Can Bet On That" Kindred Spirits
  • Going "Light" Has Its Limits
  • Razzdugi - Should We Play It Or Dance To It
  •  Courchevel, You'll Like It Better Than French Fries
Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_241.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 5:00am MDT

Runnin Bad - Let's Check The Records

Freedom To Play Poker - Not So Much...

An Idea For An App Explaining Mixed Games

Going South - Fine But Leave ALL Your Money Behind

A Twist On Table Stakes That Sounds Like Trouble


The Bad Beat Was A Bad Beat

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_240.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:00am MDT

Tension At A Home Game - How To Deal With Or Avoid It

Robbie Talks About One Of His Home Game Players With ALS

5 Basics Needed To Get Started When Hosting A Home Game

"Move Over" Be Sure & Space Yourself Properly At The Poker Table

A Great Cash Game Format To Introduce Folks To Mixed Games!


I Want To Choose A Basic Poker Game For My Mixed Game Choice

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_239.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:30am MDT

Hey Robbie HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Time Flies ..

Nolan Dalla Features An Interview With Robbie On His Popular Blog Site

Enters a $25K Tournament For Only $125.00, There Has To Be A Catch

Bad Beat @ The WSOP? No One Died, Did They?

Bring The Happy Back To Your Poker Game


The Alarm Went Off, Could The Cops Be Far Behind?

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_238.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 2:56am MDT

Nothing Like Welcoming An Out Of Town Visitor To Your Home Game

2 Home Games In One Week - Wow! This Is Living

Will We Do A Video Cast? - Nope We Prefer To Be Heard & Not Seen

One Single PIP Cost Me A Portion Of A Pot - TWICE!!

Good Luck All Those Traveling To The WSOP!

Robbie's  Crew Joins Us For Home Game Poker Talk

The Word EVEN, It's All In The Interpretation

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_237.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:00am MDT

What Happens In Vegas - Stays In Vegas - Hopefully That Doesn't Apply To Your $$$$

Live In The US & Play Online - You're Tempting Fate - Why Not Just Send Your $$$ To Us?

A Check List For Playing A Hand - If It's Good Enough For Pilots, It Works For me


You Need To Look At The WHOLE Board, Gutterball

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_236.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:55am MDT

One Outers - They Make Poker Exciting

Robbie Gets 2 Impressive Sponsors For His Charity Endeavor

Sharing Interesting Poker Content - It's A WIN / WIN

Poker Pro Reid Young Interviewed

Our Guest Announces A New Innovative Poker Training Site

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_235.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:30am MDT

What's Your Favorite Game To Call At Dealer's Choice?

The Poker Grump's Recent Article Tied To His Top Pair Interview

How's Robbie Runnin, Quite A Ways & It's For Charity

You Show Me Yours - I'll Show You Mine - Should You Let Folks Know What You Have

Pot Committed - It Might Not Mean What You Think

Did You Hear What He Said? I Think He Missed His Draw

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_234.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:00am MDT

I Opened The Door & There Was One Of Our Out Of Town Listeners To Join the Game

Robbie Wins A BAG OF SWAG

How To Lose Your Stack, Bluff Into the Nuts

Special Guest Interview, Robert Woolley, The Poker Grump

No Matter What, Just Gotta Shuffle Them Chips


You Mean A Set Isn't Good In RAZZ - I Had Outs

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Oh Home Game Poker, I've Missed Ya

It's A Home Game But I'm Still @ My Home

I Am Just Looking For A Poker Room, Not A Scavenger Hunt

On This Table, Chips Play - Cash Stays (In Your Wallet)

Cards Talk, You Sometimes Have To Listen Real Close


It's Daylight Savings Time Weekend? I Can't Wait To Tell Someone

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Nits Welcome Here - We Just Won't Pay Them Off

Ashley Adams, Poker Author And Raconteur, Entertains Us With 5 Decades Of Stories

Most Of Us Can Count The # Of Poker Rooms We've Visited On Two Hands, Not Ashley


Poker In Alaska, It's A Gold Rush

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Big Loss In A Session? - Records Helps To It Put Into Perspective

Does the Sign Say, "No Nits Allowed?

Top 10 List Of Overused Things Said Around The Table

Soft Play, Is It Cheating Or Just Being A Good Guy?


No Game Next Week, THANK GOD! (Did I Just Say That Out Loud?)

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You Can't Manage What You Can't Measure - KEEP RECORDS

Dramaha - It's A Poker Game Not A Soap Opera

Who Says Poker Is Always Serious? Interview with Avi Liberman Comic + Poker Player

Avi Does A Bit On Home Poker Games Where Mixed games Are Called


You Say It's Your Birthday - Blow Out Your Candles, Don't Blow Off Your Friends

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Stranger In A Strange Land - Poker Is A Universal Language - Robbie Visits Prague


Still Keeping Records - Still Learning About My Game Play


Dramaha -No It's Not A Reality TV Show But An Action Packed Mixed Game


A Visit With George Nelson On His Home Game Evolution


Speaking In A Foreign Tongue Isn't High Tech Code -Someone Could Be Listening

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Thanks For A Job WELL DONE!!

Robbie Is Getting Ready To Hit The Road

Mike Caro Explains How Right Decisions Takes The Gamble Out Of Poker

Folded Your Hand? There's Still Profitable Work You Can Do


Does This Queen Of Diamonds Seem Kind Of Flat?

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Robbie Accomplishes A Goal Just In Time For the Holidays

What Are Your New Year's Goals - Keep Track & Hold Yourself Accountable

Some Basics To Remember In An Interaction With Law Enforcement

How About A Twist To Go With That Home Game You're Serving?


Gutterball Tries To Be Gallant - Needs His Eyes Checked

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It's A Holiday Miracle - Tis Better To Give Than Receive

Was It Trips Or A Set, It Makes A Difference

Interview With Fan Favorite, Nov. Niner, Billy Pappas

From Foosball Champ To Poker Millionaire, Fascinating Tale


Is That Split Pea With Ham or Navy Bean With Carnitas  I Smell?

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I won That Pot?? - I Feel Dirty

Is Playing In Home Games 20 Hrs. A Week Like A Part Time Job?

Robbie Has An Interview With The Winner Of The Main Event

What Do You Do When You Catch A Cheater?

Headphones @ The Table? Just Don't Slow Down The Action

Strange Conclusion To A Strange Hand - What Would You Do?


If You're Not In Charge, Who Is?

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It's A Charity Tournament Time Of Year - We Have Some Tips

Poker, It's Just One Long Game

Guest Interview, Poker Pro Jonathan Little

Sunglasses @ The Poker Table - It's Good For The Game

Those Who Can't Do Teach - Not Always, The Can Do(s) Make Great Teachers!


When Picking A Dealer's Choice Game, Don't Be Too Clever.

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Robbie's Got A New Suit - Just Don't Wear It to A Job Interview

Let's Get To Know Our New Top Pair Sponsors

The Top Pair Podcast Receives A Flattering Industry Recognition

Our Guest Allen "Chainsaw" Kessler Talks About The Life Of A Traveling Player


Tournament Structure, There's A Lot More To It Than Meets The Eye

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Our 5th Anniversary - What'd You Get Us??

It Takes A Lot To Change A Mind About Playing In A Home Game

Phil Ivey Says He Didn't Cheat - British Courts Don't Agree

Advantage Play, Angles, Cheating - Where Are The Lines?


Who's The New Guy & Why Don't We Ever Get His Money?

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It's A Company Get-Away, Did You Bring The Cards & Chips?

An Interview With Jared Tendler, Author Of "The Mental Game Of Poker"

Don't Let Attitudes & Emotion Rule Your Game & Cost You $$$


How Many Ways Are There To Pronounce  - RICK - ?

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Playing Poker At A Company Retreat - Great Way To Socialize

Playing The Player Doesn't Mean Always Playing The Same

Listener Feedback On Open Face Chinese + Cashless Games

You Show Me Yours, I'll Show You Mine, You're First!

Verbal Is Binding - Careful Not To Find Yourself In A Bind


Just Had A Bad Beat, Tell Me Everything (NOT)

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Playing In A Casino Really Makes You Appreciate Home Games

Congrats, You Have Quads - No Sir, It's Four Of A Kind

Thanks For The Millions - It's Still A Lousy Way To Spend Your Time

Can't We All Just Get Along - Stay Clear Of Certain Table Topics


Grand Dad, I Think Your Full Of It - If You Only Knew Grand Son...

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A Listener Tells Us How He Plays A Cashless Home Game

Still Time To Win A Set-Up Of J Design Cards For Your Bad Beat Story

Welcome Chad Holloway, Senior Editor For

What's It Like To Win Your First WSOP Bracelet - Chad Gives Us Insight

The Home Game Poker Scene In Wisconsin


It Sounded Wise - Until You Really Listened!

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How Long Should A Home Game Run? - Till The Hosts Change Into PJs

That Bad Beat Was A Cooler - Tell Us Your Definition Or We'll Cold Deck You

Win A Set-Up Of JDesign Cards, Send Us Your Bad Beat Story!

Hosting Or Playing A Home Game - Do You Have A Security Protocol?


Stop Me If You've Heard This One - Not Really, We're Telling It Anyway

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Shake Your Money Maker - An Interview With "The Moneymaker Effect" Author Eric Raskin

Is The Poker World Divided Into Pre & Post Moneymaker?

Where Have All The Great Poker Characters Gone?

All In Magazine - A Publication For Poker Lovers

Need To Get The Main Event Started - Maverick To The Rescue

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Has Break Even Bruce Got A Convert In Robbie?

Poker Night In America - Would You Invite These Guys To Your Home Game?

It's Either $$$ In The Swear Jar or Soap In Your Mouth

Collusion With Joint Bankrolls Or Backing Deals


This Little Ditty Will Help You Remember The Game Bring Played - Or It Should

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Now That's A Last Longer Bet - BIG PAYDAY!!

The Evolution Of Most Home Games - Tournaments --- Cash Games

Crazy + Wild Card Games - Not For The Faint Of Heart

2 Wild Card Games In Detail

Here's Your Sign!

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Introducing Our New Co-Host, Robbie

The Home Game Poker Scene In Israel

Card Player Lifestyle Is Hitting The Big Time

Poker Notes Live, An App To Keep Your Game Sharp


Fold A Pair? Why Would I Fold A Pair?

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I Have A Great Hand - When Can I Raise?

A Player Does Too Good Of A Job Protecting His Hand

Regular Poker - It's Probably More Boring Than You are Thinking

Once Announced, Game Details Should  Be Set In Stone

A Sad Goodbye To Co-Host Eric - Excited About New Co-Host Robbie


Is It Smarter To Be Lucky Or Lucky To Be Smart?

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Bruce Is Doing A 1K And Not Even Getting Out Of His Chair

Do You Have A Poker Nickname? Would You Like One?

The Perfect Draw - Skill Or Luck?

Multi-Life Mixed Game - We Take A Close-Up Look & Provide You With Tools


How Can I Deal Successfully  With All These Issues?

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Great listener E-Mail - Keep Em Coming

My Favorite Type Of Poker Book; Interesting Tales + Great Tips

Don't Take Poker Advice From Kenny - Know How Much Is In Front Of You

Top Up To The Big Stack - Pros & Cons

Just Because You Bought Chips, Doesn't Mean That $$$ Is Gone


Eric Has A Tell On His Daughter

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Mike Caro - The "Mad Genius Of Poker" Is In The House

Mike Has A Great Website With Lots Of FREE Information

At A Home Game, Not Having A Rake Opens Up The Hands You Can Play


The Magic Muck Meant Your Cards Magically Disappeared!

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Have You Got Your Irish On?

You Meet The Most Interesting Folks @ A Home Game

Play A Tournament With A Guarantee Not To Go Bust During The First 9 Levels

Multi-Tasking At The Table - Pay The Consequences

How Many Did You Draw? - Wouldn't You Like To Know?


But You Can't Get There From Here

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Local Player Takes Gold Medal Photo For Wheaties Box

Interview With Poker Insider; Nolan Dalla

"Poker Night In America" New Weekly TV Poker


Looking For A Lost Poker Pro- Do You Have A Prayer Of A Chance?

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Some Advantages Of Playing NLHE 6 Handed

Is your game in Jeopardy? Should It Be?

Game Theory In Poker - The unexpected Sometimes Makes Sense

Road Rage = New Vocabulary

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Double Booked? -  Not Fair To The Hosts Or Other Guests

Best Way To Get Paid Off With The "Nuts"

Why Is It Hard To Win At Poker?

The 10 Commandments - Poker Style

Sorry Doc, I Just Couldn't Help Myself

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Product Recall That May Affect Home Game Players

Two Pair Against Gutterball-I Should Be Good

Lead Our Local Group - Eric Is Looking For A Replacement

You Might Be A Poker Player IF......

Comradery & Support From Table Mates When You Miss The High Hand

It's Heads Up - Want To Make A Deal? Yes Please

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Getting Your Car Towed Could Wipe Out Those Home Game Profits.

Utah Takes An Apparent Step Toward Social Freedom - Could Poker Be Next?

It's A Cold & Stormy Winter -  Is That Any Reason To Go South?

Should A Host Be Accountable For Their Friend Being A No Show To A Game?

If You Got In On This Sports Bet, How Could You Not Hedge It?

Gutterball Needs To Learn "Time Waits For No Man".

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It Was A Night To Remember @ The Table

Home Game = Players = Strangers Coming Into Your Home

Finding A Home Game, Patience Pays Off - Now Be A Good Guest

Be Realistic About How Big Of A Win You Would Be Happy With

Calling All Calling Stations - Your Money Is Leaving The Depot

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Choosing Your Playing Cards - Does Size Matter?

Having Guests At Your Home - There Are Risks.

Low Buy-In, NLHE, Tournaments - A Real Crowd Pleaser.

Quit Poker? I Can't Imagine It.

200 Episodes & Still Going Strong - A Few Snippets From The Past.

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New Cards From J Design, Just In Time For The Holidays

A Fun Contest To Win A Set-Up Of J Design Cards!!

Cardroom Going Out Of Business - Their Chips Would Look Great @ Your Table

You Want A Piece Of Me? - It'll Cost You - A Unique Formula Using "ICM"

No Means No - Unless You're Gutterball

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What Is Your Favorite "Poker Collectable"?

ESPN's Coverage Of The Main Event - Have They Lost That Lovin Feeling?

2013 Poker Hall Of Fame Inductees - Well Deserved!

A Clever Trick / Device To Help You Stay Focused On Your Home Game Action

Player Can't Tell The Difference Between Fudge & Brownies.

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"60" Is The New "40", Just Ask Linda Johnson

Home Game Perfect Storm Leaves Bruce Wondering What Hit Him

Last Minute Game Cancelation Necessary - Some Tips

An Imbalance Of Chips In A Tournament Setting - Any Ideas?

The "All In" "Call Short" or "Disconnect Chip" Twist For Cash Games

If You're Playing A Home Game In Maui, Are Their Really Any Losers?

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Is Your Table Crowded? - What # Of Players Do You Prefer?

Breaking Bad Bit Part Started At A Home Poker Game

Hoodies, They Aren't Just For Gangstaz Any More

Keep Your Cotton Pickin' Hands Out Of The Pot - Dealers Only Please

A Phrase Never To Utter At A Pot Limit Game

It Was Like Doing The Touchdown Dance In The Wrong End Zone

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3 Card Blackjack - A Useful Game @ A Poker Event

Just Can't Wait - Acting Out Of Turn & Exposing Cards Prematurely

Six Card Hold'em - Sounds Fun, A Gateway Form Hold'em To Mixed Games

Do You See Monsters At The Table - We're Not Talking About Fellow Players

What's In A Name? A Good Chuckle

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More Innovative Tournament Action In Our Group

Can Technology Help With Your Game's Security?

September Is Poker Gives Month - Get Involved!

New Cards From J Design On The Horizon

A Listener Chimes In On Wild Card Games

Is Big O Driving Away Home Game Players?

Some Call It The Nut Low - Some An Emergency Low - Potato/ Patatoe

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Betting An Oversize Bill? I Though They Were All The Same Size

Like The Neighborhood Flour Mill - Eric Is Grinding His Way Out Of A Hole

Not In Your Set? When Should Your Hand Be Declared Dead - Opinions Vary

Where Is Your Comfort Level With Wildcard Games?

Trying To Find A Home Game - There Ought To Be An Easier Way

You Don't Know How Technologically Advanced You Are.

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Home Game Duplicates WSOP Championship 8 Game Format

It's great to have a dad that's a poker player & a craftsman

Losses At A Home Game Aren't Always On The Felt - Make Sure Your Car Insurance Is Paid Up

Want A Lot Of Action & Huge Pots? - Big O Is Your Game, An In-Depth Look

Stop By A Home Game After "Clubbing" Everyone Will Lose Their Concentration

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A Long Day's Journey Into Night - How Late Should Your Game Go?

On A Losing Streak? -  Focus On Grinding Out Small Wins To Get Back On Track

Make Newcomers Feel Welcome -It's The Right Thing To Do + Good For The Game

Any Arrests Or Fights @ Your Game - Inquiring Minds Want To Know

"Show Me Chip" He Don't Need No Stinking "Show Me Chip!"

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2013 WSOP Bracelet Winner & Utah Resident, Ken Lind Interviewed

Local, Home Game, Player Wins It All In the 2013 Senior's Event!

Deck Not Treating Your Right - Get A New Set-Up Anyway You Can

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Quads V Quads - Too Bad There Isn't A Bad Beat Jackpot

Mixed / Partner Tournament Format - A Great Idea

Couples Get Their Start @ A Home Poker Game

Back Episodes - We've Got'em, Seems You Like'em

Losing Track In Vegas - We've All Done It

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How Many Chips Are Too Many Chips When Providing A Cash Game Buy In?

The More Gears You Use - The Better Your Results.

Why We Prefer Meetup To Administer Our Attendance Roster.

Getting Quartered In Omaha 8, Take The Chips Out Of Your Stack To Feel The Impact.

In The Middle Of A Tournament Hand Is Not The Time For Promoting Another Game!

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Compilation of One Outers

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Interview with Robbie Strazynski, poker author & app developer.

What was your 1st intro to poker - our guest interview relates his.

Written articles on recreational poker - check out his site.

A smart phone app for tracking play & players in live games.

Spread a flop - create a story - it all depends on your style.

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Was this move a crafty trap or an air headed oversight - you be THE judge.

Does listening to top pair make you long for a home game - here's help to find one.

Make "looking left" one of your automatic actions at the table.

Trying to figure a pot size bet - careful who's help you ask for.

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Down to the bubble - can i get a lifeline?  Don't let rules disputes put you on tilt.  Escalator tournament format - beats taking the stairs.  New buy in format "accommodator" - didn't they used to call it co-dependent?  Don't rile gutterball - it'll cost you.

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Still time to get J Design cards on Kickstarter program. It's Spring; flowers & home games are busting out all over. Make a deal - make sure it's fair / heads up only please. Super stud & draw deucey - poker variations with lots of action. Paypal for advance tournament buy-in, the pros + cons. I am stuck on chap stick - only a jingle, don't take it literally.

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High spade or high card - folks take this stuff seriously. What type of socks at a "shoes by the door" home game? New reality show combines weight loss with tournament play. Edible chips - raise or snack, now you have a choice!  Gambling song promoted this week is Casino Queen by Wilco.

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If it's your turn to act - be careful what you say. Could I get a do-over for that one hand...Unless I win? Your chance to pick up a WSOP bracelet from the IRS. I am leaving the tournament, should my chips keep playing? Get in on the next edition of Desjgn cards at Kickstarter. Check-call the second nuts in NLHE? - But BRUCE is betting!  Song promoted this week is Feeling Lucky Baby by Johnnie Bassett.

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Six max NLHE tournament format - give it a try. Spreading the board all at once with cards face down - not a good idea. Host a home game and inevitably you will face a cheating situation. So what exactly does the six mean in six max?

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What sounds better, "I'm going to the club" or "I'm going to a poker game"? "I'll put you all in" - tell them where to put it! Nate Silver finds five areas where poker reflects real life. New Jersey joins the online gambling movement. Before cashing that check, read the memo line!  Song promoted this week is Five Card Stud by Ace Frehley.

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Multi action poker - we take it to a new level. If price were no object, how would you trick out your poker room? A slow roll story for the ages - where did we learn this was poor form? Double burned  pre-flop - floor! Can we bribe you to play non-hold'em games?  Gambling song promoted this week is Solitary Travelers by Hal Ketchum.

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_178.mp3
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Small stakes game still plays big. Here's your re-buy, will that be cash or check? Tax laws for gamblers, tinged with an air of moral judgment. Internet service offers insurance for your online showdown hands. New Jersey may lead the way in legalizing online poker. 2013 WSOP women's event has a structure to penalize interlopers. What good is it to start a fire without throwing more logs on it?  Song promoted this week is Ride Gambler Ride by Randy Newman.

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_177.mp3
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Don't be limited by limit games. Could Top Pair do a 50 hour marathon show? Miss your online poker rush - consider this alternative. TVs playing sports in your poker room? - Discuss alternatives for using an existing table for hosting your home game. Hey, where's the pause button on this thing? Song promoted this week is Two of a Kind (Working on a Full House) by Garth Brooks.

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_176.mp3
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Gambling problems and home games – a follow-up.  Is it ever OK to change some details of a game's format after everyone has arrived? – Insurance, deals, and running it twice. We leave you with another one of those incidents that just make you go, HMMMMM.  Gambling song promoted this week is Waiting for an Alibi by Thin Lizzie.

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_175.mp3
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Patience pays off! Finally in the winner's circle. That grinding noise you hear is me shifting gears. An extra card dealt to player - misdeal or dead hand? Small blind bet is as clear as mud - explain please. You can vote, but you can't gamble -  18 v 21, opinions please. Sorry, the job of table sherrif is currently filled. Gambling song promoted this week is the texas holdem blues by Randy Bluesman Hock.

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_174.mp3
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No cheering at the table please -  unless you're willing to wear those little outfits. Top Pair breaks 100k downloads! AA v KK, I love it when a plan comes together. Charity games - check who is benefiting. Can a home game player have a gambling problem? Multi action poker, Gutterball couldn't get a word in edgewise. Gambling song promoted this week is Last Two Dollars by Johnny Taylor.

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_173.mp3
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Perp gets 60 years for robbery of home game! Reruns, all the cool kids are doing it, why shouldn't we? Multi action poker -  Twice the hands - Twice the fun, a report from the host. Gutterball watches his favorite TV shows - no matter what the season. Gambling song promoted this week is That Was a Crazy Game of Poker by O.A.R.

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Back to basics - 5 NLHE rules for success. Nate Silver, election predictor extraordinaire - got his start playing poker. Dealer-player accidentally exposes his last card dealt. I saw your cards - I wasn't peeking, promise. No dribbling on the floor, it's not just good manners, it's the law!  Gambling song this week is Seiborg (featuring Erik Seidel) by Srslysirius and Drybes.

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The theory of home poker poker uncovered. Speed up the game - play with square chips. Poker has spoiled me for other casino gambling games. Can I still call his value bet? Ways to stop chip counterfeiting and help make your bank easier to balance. Do your large denomination chips have to be in front of your stack? What if you can't see someone's cards? Did we jump the shark with our one-outer?

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_170.mp3
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Seven Deadly sins for those attending a home poker game. I am headed your way - why aren't you excited? Digging out of a hole - not really a win but it feels like it.
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Are you a serious chess player? You may already have the next hot poker accessory. MAP (multi action poker) live multi tabling for action junkies. Florida bar poker bust update - the bluster is dialed back. Great names for the 3 Chinese poker hands. Company helps U.S. online poker players relocate. Gutterball explains the cure for the common headache.  Gambling song prmoted this week is Kentucky Gambler by Merle Haggard.

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Hey, I was Expecting The Other Guy, Not You. Another Example Of How Not To Disrespect A Fellow Player. Rebuys = Loose Play - Is That Bad Or Profitable? Are Deepstacked Tournaments Weeding Out The Recreational Players? Hey, It's Omaha, You Have To Play 2 Cards In Your Hand, Remember? Gambling song promoted this week is The Gambler by Kenny Rogers.

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Combine holiday home games with charity - everyone wins! Who is the best player at your regular game - how do you know? Must chop - no we musn't. Vegas at Christmas time, cheapo rooms, no crowds - no players? Atlanta has an elaborate and potentially lucrative bar poker scene. You call it a podcast - to me it's more valuable as white noise. Gambling song promoted this week is Waking Up In Vegas by Katie Perry.

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Hey, you guys are harshing our mellow game! Dealer flashes a card - no voting, it's dead. Still time to enter to win Desjgn cards. Open face chinese poker - it's all Greek to me. Spill a beer, clean it up - we don't need a commercial. Gambling song this week is Game of All Fours by Kate Rusby.

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If you win but leave with the same $$$ you came with, is it really winning? Mind your manners young lady - it's a poker game not a trip to the dentist. Week 2 of our Desjgn cards giveaway event. Pensioners playing bar poker - call out the swat team!! - an eye witness interview. Dad liked his first hand of cardroom poker - the hook was set!  Gambling song this week is The Uptown Poker Club by Jerry Reed.

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An update on the Poker Dominator tracking site - we introduce a twist in your flop games when it is just blind vs blind pre flop. Do you have enthusiastic joiners that never seem to attend that first game? Let's try to figure out why. It's time for the details on another give-away of a set up of Desjgn cards - and finally, we leave you with an angle that had us chuckling.  Musical excerpt this week is Heads Up, final Table by The Wild Cards.

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More layers of strategy mean less hands per hour in WSOP main event. Squatting on a home game seat reservation? - Manners please! Keep track of your table position and use it to your advantage. No matter what your music preference there's a gambling song for you. Riverboat gambling, it's a slippery slope into dry dock!  Music this week is Scarlet Begonias by Grateful Dead.

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Spending 12+ hours watching televised poker has got to help your game, right? Don't rock the boat - or riffle the stub. You lost, ha ha!!! Where have all the fishes gone, long time passing? A value added enhancement in an unlikely place.

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_161.mp3
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Is playing it safe a viable alternative? Be creative with your blind structure. You're MIA from the table and you have a hand - know the expectations. A middle pocket pair v two overs - it's a race, is that when you need a racetrack? You arrived on time but it seems like you're early!

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To angle or not to angle, that is the question. Boy, are we glad there wasn't a TV audience when we made these moves. Record keeping, can you have too much information? I always do poorly at your game & I have the numbers to back it up. You were skipped & it was your turn - you felt like you had to do something.

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_159.mp3
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Yea, yea - don't say it, I've heard it before, over & over & over. I may be smiling through clenched teeth - but look at my eyes for a tell. Aces & Kings, a poker book that we highly recommend. Showing up late for a tournament - let's all kick him. I may look confused, but I've played a bit of poker in my time.

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All in?? Did the WSOP let this guy off the hook? Norm Chad hold'em - does it make boring old Hold'em even more boring? Eric cruises the high seas in search of poker action. A floating poker game feels like home. Don't like my music - there's the door!

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Top Pair is part of a new e-magazine - now you can see what you are hearing. Selling poker chips through online classifieds. A case for limit poker - change it up and develop new skills. Fourth street rule in stud - it's for your own protection. A new member applies to the group and shares TMI. It's been 3 years & we are still going strong - happy anniversary!

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An interview with Matt Savage, tournament director extraordinaire - he talks about home games, WSOP. WPT, TDA, and other initials. Home games vs casinos and card rooms - what to expect, what to look for, what to look out for. It doesn't do any good to knock three times and say "Joe sent me" if they don't know who Joe is!

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Is bar poker evolving from only NLHE? Four cards on a three card flop - be consistent in the rulings. Brian, a Cleveland home game host is our special guest. Psycho - a great movie and an interesting poker game. Gutterball's home remedy for bedtime headaches.

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Is poker gambling? - Is poker evil? The legal and political debate continues. If you are hosting a six-max game better install seatbelts on your chairs. Home game tournaments - don't let that tilting state of mind spoil the mood. Six, six, who's got the six?

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September is Poker Gives month-get involved with this worthy cause. Locals consider Thursday night permanently reserved. Seven card stud games - tips, warnings, strategies, procedures. Eric is shooting angles - this time at the craps table!

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Dealing errors - the most common - three steps to eliminate 90% of the errors. Ideas for attracting new players to your game - nudging those fence sitters. The real cost of date night.

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Couples at a 6 max game - feeling outnumbered? You're on TV - take your hat off! 2-11 to make its Vegas debut. Throwing limit games into your mix? Keep the small and big bet amounts in line. An easy way to figure pot odds - you can't deny the logic!

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Lots of good poker on TV. Did you lose $$ out of your online acct? Looks like your dough may be coming back. Trolling for new players to add to your home game? Are cardrooms a well stocked pond or troubled waters? Things that get under your skin sitting around a poker table. Happy birthday Eric, save this gift for your old age!

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The Olympics, everyone is talking about them, why shouldn't we? Why home games often play bigger and looser than cardrooms. A home game foul for goaltending - keep your hands to yourself.  It's called instant replay - ever hear of it?

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July is a great month for home game poker. Make video stars out of your home game players, we have the technology. Interview with a home game host that has a high tech setup & how he did it. I’ll explain our game’s security, just walk through the open garage, into the house & come downstairs!

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I'm too old to remember 5 cards. Eric's Dad compiles a "boxed set" of Top Pair episodes. Fours full of sixes sure sounded like four sixes! Hoops for new players to jump through. Is your poker style too serious? Making an eight high straight with a jack on the river?

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Cards that get you in trouble. Home hosts posts game online using RFID set-up - we begin a developing story. If you invite them - they will come. It's all in the family - Eric's dad starts to host, let us in on the details. Heads up, is taunting the other player acceptable, even if he is your dad?

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Set over set - prospects are dim. Is no-limit killing your home game? We're going to chop - so sad for you. Home game player wins a WSOP bracelet 1st time out! Let's examine Big O - wipe that smile off your face. Tournament players, it's break - shuttle will leave in 1 minute!

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Partner tournament - a great twist. Last week for the where did you hear about us promotion. Home game security - better to be safe than sorry. Can't you squeeze one more into the game? Gutterball needs a bigger TV.

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Play in a home tournament - win a TV. Chips, we don't need no stinking chips - cash plays. We would like to request an attorney - great interview with a poker specialist. What is the latest from the online battlefront? Going to make the wife mad? Check your calendar first!

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Some new outlets are carrying Top Pair. How did you hear about us? Still time to enter the drawing. Mixing two home game groups for an event - sure to be some hiccups. Omaha, a great gateway to non-Hold'em games. Going south? It's a limit game so why would you care? Gutterball's zeriscape shower.

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Where did you first learn about Top Pair? Answer and win a prize. Tracking WSOP players and contests? Thank God for social media! Listener feedback on a variety of great topics; last longer bets, balancing tourney tables, starting cash games and more! Need help aiming in the bathroom? Can I draw you a picture?

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Update on changes in WSOP rules - A milestone was achieved in our Salt Lake group - The notorious check raise, a weapon and a strategy - we part ways today with a lesson frequently learned: A pair is a drawing hand!

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Listener wants to convert home game players to cash game. Need a break - take a break; always play at your best. No hurry, take a few seconds to make a good decision. Pick a card, any card!

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Poker pro Kathy Liebert traces her poker roots to home game poker.  We present an example of a local home tournament doing double duty and end with matter  of interpretation when a player reports on his home game tourney results 

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We pulled the wool over on one listener. Eric has a convert. Interview with Donna Blevins, poker coach, PPA state director. This home game gets a 5 star rating!

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Remembering a chance encounter with Amarillo Slim. 2+2 Home game forum disrupted - a cautionary tale about password security. Poker after dark makes you wonder - what method suits my learning ability? A book to help your game & hosting that doesn't mention poker. Giving another player a loan from your stack instead of your bankroll. Gutterball expounds on married life.

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Weird antics on the "Poker After Dark" show. Sleeper straddle - sounds like a passive move. Poker burn out or just spring fever? Keep your hosting enthusiasm. As a sports bettor, Bruce is a decent poker player!

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Poker earnings can be taxing. ROI - what does it all mean? Take a test - learn a thing or two. Poker players love to bet their sports. Eenie, meenie, which hand should I play?

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We've been rocking the rock. A hand gets out of hand. The a b c's of acquiring a custom top for your poker table. I don't care if she does have a cool name - one player to a hand!

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This week we follow up on our April 1st episode, did we have you fooled?  - we updating a report we did on the 20 hour rule at the Bay 101 - there is another poker book to recommend,  a debate about payouts in tournaments,  and a free online poker test to see how you stack up -  wrapping  up we explore the curious use of geometry, as well as math, in home game poker.

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_131.mp3
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Eric gets a new table - He is thrilled! Smart phone app to detect straights. Dealer button - lots of options, one could land you in hot water. Latest poker table with built in keg. Poker with the cards face up will keep the law off your back. Who is over spraying in the bathroom? We'll catch 'um. Gutterball goes rogue.

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_130.mp3
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Music in the background of your game. How do you treat your customers (players)? Tunes that pump you up. No world record for length of time playing possible at Bay 101. Update on winner's button twist. Pot limit HORSE - saddle up! Marathon home game on the local scene. Watch what you say - verbal is binding!

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_129.mp3
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Tales from some recent home games.  We explore a tournament twist brought to our attention by one of our listeners. We go to the e-mail bag and share thoughts from our audience including a way to pick a game in a mixed format, plus a way to thwart that constant straddler. We conclude with a snarky comment from Bruce at a home tournament, sometimes he just can't help himself

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How many minutes can we spend talking about parking? Winner scoops the pot and a button. Good poker tips on Twitter. Counseling can result in change - in more ways than one!

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 Assigned seating at a cash game? Can too much security be a bad thing? Pot limit makes bigger pots than no limit.If it's a dead button, how can it move? Coming to my game? Don't forget your 2 x 4!  Music by Great Big Sea.

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A boxed card - no, it's not part of a choo-choo train. Let's review proper dealing procedures.  A free site to post & manage games for your group. Is your religion also your drug? - A transposition error can make a big difference!

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_125.mp3
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Ethics of communicating short hand names for starting hands. Letting your device figure your odds - does that cross the line? More on apps to track cardroom and casino action. Hey, you put headphones on to block out the noise!

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_124.mp3
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A two table-two banker cash game, the Bravo card room app, listener feedback, an odd compulsion.

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_123.mp3
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HORSE in Mesquite, poker lighting, hand nicknames, Greg Fossilman Raymer, Part 2.  Stop interrupting Gutterball!

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_122.mp3
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Don't keep records!  The wife tax. An interview with The Fossilman Greg Raymer. I'm going to frame that IOU!

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_121.mp3
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Raising the stakes = losing players, is there another way? Low stakes HORSE with 2 hall of fame members. Two of the busiest ladies in poker found time to write a book. Chipman has gone over to the dark side. I am going to do some damage with my 6 high flush!

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Practice may not make perfect - but it will help. Some free poker training resources. The Mississippi rock - it's not an Elvis song. The whole online debacle explained by a favorite author. Sometimes you need to play the player's re-buy track record.

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_119.mp3
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Let players know up front your rules and expectations. Start the new year with a resolve to keep good records. All in player's hand gets accidently mucked. Delayed re-buy in a tournament, what is the protocol? Don't tap the tank - be a graceful winner. Gutterball can't stop calling but he can ignore his hand.

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_118.mp3
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Should laundry day include your cards & chips? Poker chips - the middle ground. Elton says Saturday night is alright for fighting - what night is good for home game poker? Are you a commitment phoebe? A multi-week league may not be for you. Is poker your religion? If so, we have a delivery for you!

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_117.mp3
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Tilt and you thought it was just for pinball machines. Casinos leading the way in resurrecting online poker. Hollywood home game players settle lawsuit. You usually want to identify the game before you put money into the pot!

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_116.mp3
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In the interest of full disclosure, I do have some furry friends. As your host, your wish is my command. Poker players on your wi fi - surfs up! Wow, I am up - time for lock down poker. Beware the 2 - 3 offsuit.

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_115.mp3
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Free-rolling again, Taxes and winning the WSOP ME, How I started the Salt Lake City Poker Meetup Group, a TP TV is nice for your DVR'ing friends.

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_114.mp3
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Smart phone app for listening to podcasts at top speed. Follow up from Jan and Linda on a tournament question. This group takes mixed games to a new level.  An online helper is more like a pesky friend.

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_113.mp3
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A tough HOE situation, The Nevada Gaming Commission finally figures out TV poker.  Home game host Patrick gives us some tips on hosting, A gambling loan can be a tough load to bear!

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_112.mp3
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ESPN coverage of the WSOP final table. Another option for running the bank at your home game. Player in the middle of a tourney has to leave - what about his chips? A good reason not to play drunk.

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_111.mp3
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What hands do you open bet pre-flop in Omaha? Blinds - A constantly evolving topic. Giving credit or loans to players at your home game. This is not the pot you are going to win.

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_110.mp3
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WSOP November 9 ESPN format. Congrats, you made the show! Is the tape still rolling?

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_109.mp3
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Roberts rules edition specific to home poker games. I had half the deck as my outs - really. It always helps to have someone to blame it on - especially when he can't fight back.

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_108.mp3
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Mixed games are nice - how about some of the fringe options? Help! I'm surrounded by poker coaches! Fouled deck - a stinky situation. We know you love poker books - what about gambling books? Home game table shape & size.  A chop is proposed; whose advice should you listen too?

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_107.mp3
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 Stacking Chips On The In Front Of You On The Table - Could It Be A Tell? Gutterball Gives Us A Reason To Keep Burning!

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_106.mp3
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The Russian roulette of poker. Folding the winner face up. Jason of Desjgn - J Design playing cards, Hey Bruce ask Barry G. this question!

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_105.mp3
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Poker, the hobby that pays you - hopefully. How much to raise with aces? Another reason to hate $50s. Bad beat jackpots. Barry Greenstein talks about Phil Ivey. So, what do you know about computers? I know this guy.

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_104.mp3
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More on dealer buttons (can you believe it?), DBS (don't be stupid) is Bruce's new  mantra. Badugi - Barry Greenstein wrote the book. Bet without cards - a chain reaction ensues.

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_103.mp3
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Interview with poker icon Barry Greenstein part one. A player offers Jan Fisher a $1000 bet on a rules question.

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_102.mp3
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 Casino comps, the good, bad & ugly. If you tip, how much and what should you base it on? Shut up, I'm concentrating on pulling off a bluff!

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_101.mp3
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Episode 100 is finally here!  This week we selected clips from past shows and put together a montage for your enjoyment.  Please remember that September is Poker Gives month:

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_100.mp3
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A less obvious consequence of an accidental card exposure on the flop. Dealer's choice - you've opened up the options - how long should each game last? Should there be a shot clock in poker tournaments? This is the definition of a cooler!

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_99.mp3
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Heading South - Mesquite Eureka Open Time! 4 Color Decks - Too Much Change or Welcome Update. You Like Your Game - You Just Wish They Would Embrace Proper Procedure. Doc Constructs An Elaborate Plan To Hit The Vegas Scene.

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_98.mp3
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Number Of Hands Per Hour - Get Out Your Radar Gun. Dealer Buttons - We Break It Down. Tales Of Honesty & Integrity At The Poker Table. Google Search "Naked Queen Bluff" We Dare You!

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_97.mp3
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Exposing 4 Cards On The Flop - Options To Fix, Is There Any Circumstance When Folding Into The Money In A Tourney Makes Sense? Loose A Big Pot? - Adding Salt To The Wound.

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_96.mp3
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Poker Player's Prayer. Listener Feedback On Straddles. ESPN's WSOP Main Event Coverage. Will The US Allow Online Poker In 2011? Inventing Descriptive Expressions On The Fly.

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_95.mp3
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Start your cash game off with a little gamble. Three-bet, a popular term - a confusing concept. You want the pot, let me see all your cards. The case of the missing ace.

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_94.mp3
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The dog days of summer taking a toll on your attendance? What is the latest from the PPA? Interview with Utah rep Donna Lawton. What price do you pay to get away?

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_93.mp3
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A shout out to our listeners in Sacramento. The low limit horse game experiment. Straddles, the new cool thing to do - what & why. Mom, this is the best night ever!

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_92.mp3
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Home game in CA subject of civil suit, single blind in pot limit games, shortcut to calculating the pot, is cutting mandatory? Hey dad, keep your hat on!

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_91.mp3
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Vegas accommodations:Hotel or condo? What if you look around the table & all you see are faces of your home game posse? On poker road trips, do you have to choose between fun & profit? Who was that mysterious stranger? Anybody care if I finish eating these?

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_90.mp3
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Does anyone come away up from a poker excursion? Tips for increasing your chances of profiting from your next poker road trip. Can you ask to stop the clock in a time charge cash game? Does an accidentally exposed 7th street card in stud effect who leads out in betting? You're drawing dead: It's not just for poker anymore.

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_89.mp3
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What do you do to unwind after a poker session? Couples playing together - any precautions? Search for binion's wsop music. How do you bring back inactive players? Double tap - it's not a style of kitchen faucet

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_88.mp3
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Focusing on one game vs a mix of games - how are you best served? More poker busts in the Salt Lake area. Additional online actions against remaining providers. A new documentary on the poker phenomenon. Hey Gutterball what's the matter?

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_87.mp3
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Skill vs. Luck, iPad app for tournaments, cheating and forgiveness, getting slowplayed by a newbie sucks!

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_86.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 10:47pm MDT

Getting your home game started on the cheap. What makes poker great. Finding a tropical paradise to play online poker from. Chuckie Cheese's new must have piece of poker apparel, We want to give you 1st place money - OK?

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_85.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 10:46pm MDT

Update on Utah County home game bust. New pocedures reference for home game hosts. When the dealer sits out should you over-book? Grabbing a hand from the muck could be hazardous to your health!

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_84.mp3
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No Limit - Fixed Limit - Spread Limit - Pot Limit - What Does It All Mean? Pfapfap's Mixed Game Cards - What A Project, What a Resource! I Know It's Dealer's Choice But, Come On! Trying To Explain A Concept - Choose Your Words Carefully.

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_83.mp3
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Free form show! Gutterball gets a massage - Is a 1/2 pot bet declaration a valid bet - Does a dedicated dealer speed up the game - Pass the deal, dealer sits out, focuses on the game - Paper or plastic, casinos want it both ways.

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_82.mp3
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What do you have in front of you? Hands off - when can you touch someone else's chips? Acting out of turn - it happens a lot - it can cost you money. Is there a "losing" frame of mind? Mucking your hand? - Verbal is binding!

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_81.mp3
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How far in advance should you schedule a game? I might want to go - save me a seat. Sorry folks our game today is overbooked, would anyone like to voluntarily give up their seat? Yeah, yeah, nice speech, where is my cell phone?

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_80.mp3
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New IRS rulings that effect poker players, What to do if you are runnung bad, Does taking a poker break offer any benefits? How much home poker is too much home poker? If you were paying attention, you wouldn't have to ask.

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_79.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:41pm MDT

Penalties for Home Game Rules Infractions, Bullying With a Big Stack - Real Or Imagined? Tax Day Tournament Idea, Poker Internet Video - How To View on Your TV, Leaving In a Huff? - Make Sure You Drove!

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_78.mp3
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iPods at the poker table, Facebook banner ad to get new home game players, Raising the stakes, Omaha 9

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_77.mp3
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52 Different Mixed Games, Did I Really Cross The Line? Bountiful Bounties - What's The Right Way To Twist? Out of the Tournament & Steaming? - Here, Let Me Throw Some Gas on That Fire

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_76.mp3
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We Hear From A Listener Serving In Afghanistan, Tony D From New York Has A "Wonderland" Like Tournament Twist, Eric's Dream Underground Poker Room Exists - Just Not Within Driving Distance, Advertise & Sell Your Used Home Game Equipment & Supplies - Find New Home game Players, Online & Alternative Options For Watching Televised Poker, 9-1-1, What Is Your Emergency?

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_75.mp3
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Poker Stars Home Game League - Wrap Up Report , How Does Play Differ Online v Live?  I Brought Along Another Player- There's Room, Right? I Am Trying To Drop the Drop, Music by Josh Woodward and Katy Perry.

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_74.mp3
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Accepting credit cards through your smart phone, What to do when one of your regulars starts to get on everyone's nerves? Making a negative EV play on purpose, Maybe I'd better get some food now. 

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_73.mp3
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Does living near a casino affect home games?  The Wheel-R-Dealer, Dealing a raked game, May the force be with you! 

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_72.mp3
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Omadugi, Changing the game in dealer's choice, A WSOP 11-game mix, Overspending on the strip.

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_71.mp3
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Getting the boot from 2+2. Guest host Rich M talks about Poker Stars home games, Wonderland Poker and the 5-year anniversary of the Salt Lake Poker Meetup.  Gutterball and smartphones.

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_70.mp3
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Listener feedback on dice control, buy-in amounts, chip hiding, and determining if poker is a skill game.  Pokerstars introduces home games.  Gutterball forgets to notice the stack sizes.

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_69.mp3
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Listener feedback, Justin of the Red Room talks tables and chips, sometimes it's hard to bust out.

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_68.mp3
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The Theory of Home Poker, I can't gamble anymore, square poker chips, hiding chips, hiding cards.  So I can still call his bet right?

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_67.mp3
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Listener feedback, Seven deadly sins for guests, Gary manages to get to Vegas.

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_66.mp3
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New Year's home poker resolutions from Eric and Bruce.  A mysterious text message leads to a coffee fountain.

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_65.mp3
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Wendover tournament series, 2-11 at the Bike, Seven deadly sins for hosts, How far to help a fellow rounder?  Don't eat that brownie!

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_64.mp3
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Update on the Orem, UT bust. Feedback from Sarge, Lottery Larry and Ken on attendance policies. Seven deadly sins for poker players.  Is home poker a competition or a conversation?  I knew he was weak, I just didn't know he was...

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_63.mp3
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Update on the Orem, UT home game bust.  No-chop tourneys. High-stakes homegames. Strategy tips from Eric and Bruce? What's in the pot? 

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_62.mp3
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Swedish Hold 'Em, Play like everyone is watching, Tournament clocks, Which card did you draw?

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_61.mp3
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The $5700 chip set, Charity tournaments at holiday time, Jan Fisher and Linda Johnson head to Wendover, A coaching session with Alex Outhred, Who is that dude in the dealer button and which president was he?

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_60.mp3
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Attendance policy douchebaggery, old-school homegames, would poker be as popular if it was totaly accepted? Online poker homegames, bringing your laptop to a homegame, antes in home game tourneys, it's a cupholder, not a drinkholder!

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_59.mp3
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Home game robberies. Should we give his buy-in back? The poker bucket list. So how did you do in Vegas idiot? Meeting the neighbors Amway style.

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_58.mp3
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Mistakes at the table, Alex Outhred poker pro and coach talks home poker, getting paid to show your hole cards is awesome!

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_57.mp3
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Poker lingo, bad ass things at the games, host is using too much credit! Mixed games too mixed? Naming the double boards, 2-11 update, Shooting from the darkside for free beer.

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_56.mp3
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How does the must show chip affect fold equity? How many player? Mailbag!  The newest game in town: Stud Draw High.

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_55.mp3
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Tony from New York talks about his November Nine tournament, bust at the Orem, UT home game, crossing the mythical River Quads.

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_54.mp3
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Chopping for more than first place money, I stopped running it twice, chopping in a league situation, designated dealers vs. pass the deal, introducing the Utah straddle.

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_53.mp3
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Poker music, our favorite topics from the last year, one player to a hand! 

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_52.mp3
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Tournament Director Matt Savage, Home Games vs. Casino Games, When playing a home game it helps to be at the right home!

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_51.mp3
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The big 50 extended how ya Running Show,

Top Accessories for the poker room,

Going poor... I meant going PRO!

Only one hand could beat me...

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_50.mp3
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How to hande the Hollywood, raising the stakes, how tight-aggressive are you really?

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_49.mp3
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Mike Sexton talks home poker part 2, Top ten tips for being a good guest, The priests of the poker chips.

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_48.mp3
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Hall of Famer Mike Sexton, Ten tips on how to be a great host, expert plumbing advice.

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_47.mp3
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Dealing errors, how to attract new players, paying $200 to watch a movie at home.

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_46.mp3
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How ya runnin extended special!

Pot limit betting means one thing: bet that pot!

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_45.mp3
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Omaha 3-2-1, The bank came up short!  Missed blinds, If that plays then put it on the table.

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_44.mp3
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Mike Spinetti of Spinetti's Home Gaming Supplies,

Should we coach our buddy headed for the big game?

How can I tell where the Stud8 tables end and the NLHE tables begin?

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_43.mp3
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Are poker books irrelevant?  How to get great cards every hand.  The Swedish Burlesque Team awaits cash game players.

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_42.mp3
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Slow rolling, now-shows, hotel room games, poker player's elbow!

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_41.mp3
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Hey... she has a flush!

What all the cool kids are wearing to the home games,

You MUST PLAY TWO from your hand!

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_40.mp3
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Scott Long of Ante Up,

Bankroll requirements,

You could have won more!

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_39.mp3
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211 Inventor and Mareketer Bruce Paul,

Now where is that the flop?

W-2 G from a homegame?


Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_38.mp3
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Tom McEvoy Part 2,

Deals in cash games and tournaments,

Two snaps Dave.

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_37.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 10:01pm MDT

Donna spreads the biggest home game tourney,

Converting NLHE players to mixed games and..

Converting tournament players to cash games,

Good dealers call all the action.

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_36.mp3
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Home game in a hotel room,

WSOP Champ Tom McEvoy part one,

Some people will gamble on anything!

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_35.mp3
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Home game host Bryan from Florida,

Weird rules situation in Omaha,

Wade finds a flaw,

Big brother knows you play poker!


Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_34.mp3
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Heads up battleship game,

T.J. Cloutier Part 2,

Slandering the pfapster,

It was a really good pee.

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_33.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 10:01pm MDT

Home poker game host Paul from Indianapolis,

Double board Omaha,

Bruce Paul, inventor of Omaha 211 writes us,

Doyle Brunson flips off a cop!

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_32.mp3
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T.J. Cloutier talks home poker,

Bryan from Jacksonville talks about Show 'Em chips,

When did you have your penis removed?


Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_31.mp3
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Matt (Sarge) Discusses home games and Facebook,

Tony speaks out on mixed game resistors,

Making the final table rocks!

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_30.mp3
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Showing up late,

Jan Fisher talks home poker,

Slowplaying or Playing Slow?

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_29.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 10:01pm MDT

Accidentally exposed cards, pfapfap returns to answer tough rules questions, Reverend Cakes and Pies.

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_28.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 11:49pm MDT

The First Lady of Poker Linda Johnson talks poker,

Chinese Poker,

Didn't you get your welcome kit?

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_27.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 10:01pm MDT

Touneys in Reno

Host went busto, everyone out!

Tony from new York,

Will hosting affect my play?

Taking home the waiter.

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_26.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 10:01pm MDT

Rounders dorks chapter 2,

Home game tells,

Twists at the home game,

CSI visits the pisser.

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_25.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 10:01pm MDT

Fistfight at the home game,


Picking your seat,

It's a small poker world.

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_24.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 10:01pm MDT

Interview with a poker widow,

A crazy good tournament,

Hardware for poker,

Tuxedos in Wendover NV?


Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_23.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 10:01pm MDT

To tip or not to tip?

Markers, IOUS and loans,

Exposed cards in Hold Em,

Wow I didn't know you were that strong!

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_22.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 10:08pm MDT

Playing with a calling station,

Listener feedback,

The magic muck,

Picking the right game,

When is a cigar not a cigar?

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_21.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 1:52am MDT

Home game expert pfapfap,


Other poker podcasts,

It's hard to bluff when your thigh is getting licked!

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_20.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 10:01pm MDT

Why did you play like that?


Playing with the boss,

You don't have Rounders memorized?

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_19.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 10:01pm MDT

Cashless cash games,

Rebuy tournaments,

Bar poker,

I just picked up a great draw!

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_18.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 10:54pm MDT

What is a home game?

Interview with home game host extraordinaire Bob Kellie,

Screening new players,

The coolest poker music mix evah!


Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_17.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 10:03pm MDT


Aces vs. Aces,

Stub got shuffled during the hand!

Keeping the games full,

Websites and books about home poker,

We all had to start somewhere.

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_16.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 10:00pm MDT

Poker gifts,

Playing styles TAG vs. LAG,

Annoying habits,

The case of the missing shoes.

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_15.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 11:14pm MDT

No limit HORSE!

Omaha 2-1-1,

Running it Twice,

Whatever you do, just lock the door on your way out.

Websites mentioned on this episode:

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_14.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 10:50pm MDT

What's your scene like?

Building poker tables,

Card toppers,


Websites mentioned:

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_13.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 10:01pm MDT

Listener feedback,

Bad Beat Jackpots,


Five Queens,



Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_12.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 10:01pm MDT

Check it down?

Dedicated dealer or pass the deck?

What stakes?

It's a waste of Trees!

Websites mentioned on this episode:

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_11.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 10:01pm MDT

Shagging the deck,

Photographer Rob Mathis shoots the WSOP and HSP,

KJ on my shoe

Music by Josh Woodward

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_10.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 11:28pm MDT

BJ at the home game

Kansas City Deuce to Seven Single-Draw!

Bankroll or no Bankroll?

Specialty home game rules.

Making a 6-high in Deuce to Seven.

Deuce to Seven WSOP Final Table

Music by The Birdinumnums

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_9.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 12:14am MDT

Table talk,

Desjgn playing cards,

Playing with the doofus.

Websites mentioned on this episode:

Music for this episode by Clintone


Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_8.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 12:50am MDT

Mechanical shufflers,

Mixed games versus Holdem,

The bank and banking,

The cops are in the parking lot!

Music by Josh Woodward

Websites mentioned on today's episode:

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_7.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 10:01pm MDT

Poker movies

Cops busting the home game


Being the new guy is scary sometimes

Music by Derek Miller

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_6.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 10:44pm MDT

Using the Internet to promote your game

Chopping in home game touneys

Poker chips

Making the minimum with a straight flush

Music by JanglA

 Websites mentioned on this episode:

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_5.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 11:12pm MDT

November nine parties and tournaments

Tournament software

Prop bets

Prostate checks!

Music by Denis Kitchen

Websites mentioned on this podcast: Advice on how to host and run a no-limit Texas Hold'em poker tournament in your home

Ultimate Dealer button

Two Plus Two Home Poker Forum

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_4.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 10:16pm MDT

I want to see that hand!,

Alcohol and home poker,

Strangers at the home game.

Music by DJOC

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_3.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 10:56pm MDT

Multi-game leagues,

Topless dealers!

Cash Games vs. tournaments,

How much to smell your neck?

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_2.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 10:01pm MDT

Guns at the homegame, Rake vs no rake, poker tables, getting quartered with the steel wheel

Direct download: Top_Pair_Episode_1.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 10:01pm MDT





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